About HOLIDAY&LIFESTYLE basic data  
  HOLIDAY&LIFESTYLE - the up market travel magazine for Germany
Worldwide destinations, Europe, City-Travel, Ship-Cruises, Golf, Wellness and Culture
and Adventure Trips the best Hotels in the World as well as News, Service and Lifestyle
for the distinguished traveller. On this and more you may read in HOLIDAY&LIFESTYLE
  1. History
HOLIDAY&LIFESTYLE in the market since thirteen years.

2. Target group
The magazine is reaching the peak of the demographic pyramid.
men 7% women 93%
30 to 50 years 65 %
above 50 years 35 %
Household net income
up to 4.500 EUR 60 % of the readers
Above 4.500 EUR more than 36 % of the readers

3. HOLIDAYS per year
70 % of the readers travel five to seven times per year.

4. Ad prices
One page 4c 6.800 EUR; spreads and fractional ads possible

5. Editorial themes and advertorials
Our editors will produce special editorials as well as high quality advertorials on demand.

6. Circulation
Every issue is being distributed with an average of 50.000 copies. The magazine
reaches more than 150.000 high class readers in the German speaking market.

7. Sales channels
City news stands, train station new stands, airport news stands, subscriptions, sponsor sales and special sales actitvities

8. Appearance frequency
The magazine is being published with four issues per year: in March, June, September
and December.